No Delay in Departure from EU

A statement by Trade Unionists Against the EU

There must be no delay in the timetable for our departure from the EU

The general election and the resulting hung parliament cannot be an excuse for delaying our departure of the EU, leaving the single market and ending the freedom of movement, all of which are the declared policies of both the Tory and Labour parties. Those who wanted to overturn the referendum result or have a second referendum were treated with scorn by the electorate.

The posturing by the Tories’ ‘no deal better than a bad deal’, a meaningless concept specially when Theresa May talked about the dire consequences of a no deal, has to end. Similarly with Labour’s vacuous  ‘not walking away without a deal’.

The task of both parties, indeed the task of the new parliament, is to deliver a clean and clear Brexit with the best deal possible with the EU in line with the timetable set by the triggering of Article 50. This is not as difficult as some would led us to believe. Those who continually speak of ‘difficult and complex’ negotiations are attempting to prepare the public for backsliding on the referendum vote.

The electorate gave Theresa May a bloody nose from which she will not be able to recover. Workers, specially young workers, were looking for an end to Tory austerity and the stifling economics of the free market. They were looking for a  change and found it in the political platform of the Labour party, a platform of nationalisation, supporting British industry and promoting regional development as well as ending austerity and increased funding for health and education, policies that could not be contemplated had we not invoked Article 50.

Last June, the older generation rescued the nation from the European Union. This June, they gave the nation to the younger generation to shape in a way that would not have been possible without the leave vote of last year.