TUAEU release a tribute CD

No to TTIP!

Trade Unionists Against the European Union proudly presents No to TTIP: a 12-song CD celebrating the lives of Bob Crow and Tony Benn.


As you might expect it is a call to arms against a deal between the EU and the United States which seeks to impose huge financial penalties for any policy not deemed to be in the interests of transnational corporations.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership includes a provision called the ‘investor-state dispute settlement’ which allows private companies to sue nation states if they feel a law had lost them money on their investment.

This will enable corporations to launch endless legal battles, potentially for billions of pounds, in the name of future lost profits, a kind of corporate feudalism.

Bob and Tony would no doubt have been campaigning very hard and loudly against this affront to national sovereignty, independence and democracy as well as to this country’s membership of the EU: all the things in fact that they dedicated their lives to.

Today the EU is a very real threat to our NHS and other public services that are just seen as cash cows for monopoly capital. There is also a raise in that other weapon used so effectively against workers, mass unemployment, which takes away the most fundamental right of all, the right work.

EU court rulings and diktats are constantly removing workers’ rights to collective bargaining and any meaningful tools to defend themselves. As Bob and Tony remind us, the EU was built to defend the system it promotes, capitalism, not the interests of workers.

TUAEU salutes their memory with this collection of songs which, each in their own way, celebrate the lives of two giants of the labour and trade union movement.

A special thanks goes out to all the artists that donated material for this album.