"Out of control" EU secretly developing surveillance drones

MPs furious as report reveals “out of control” EU is secretly developing surveillance drones without “any kind of democratic accountability”

 Over £320 million has been spent on developing EU surveillance drones without proper democratic oversight and amid concerns over close links between industry and officials, civil liberties watchdog  Statewatch has found.

Neither the House of Commons nor the European Parliament has been consulted over the development of EU unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which are being designed to police Europe’s skies on law enforcement missions.

The contribution from British taxpayers to the projects is estimated to be more than £46 million despite publicly declared opposition from the Prime Minister to EU drones surveillance or air force owned or operated at the European level.

The report by Statewatch, a European civil liberties watchdog, has uncovered a secretive €70 million (£58m) budget line that was inserted into new EU legislation on air traffic control for this year as “a politically driven priority” to develop drones for surveillance by European police forces, border guards and security services.

MEPs and MPs will not be consulted on the programme or the regulation clearing the development of law enforcement drones designed  to ‘secure public order’ by the end of the decade.

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