Movement for breaking with the European Union and the Fifth Republic

The situation of working people is no longer tolerable. The urban workers, youth, rural workers, pensioners and the unemployed cannot take any more of the policies of the Hollande-Valls government as it does the bidding of the European Union. The labour law, the Social Security system, healthcare, public services, education, democratic freedoms – nothing is being spared in its fury of destruction.

The crisis of the regime is revealed for all to see. Its decay is affecting all of the institutions at an accelerating rate.

One question is posed: what political solution will put an end to the anti-social policies that are ravaging the country?

By way of a positive answer, 6,383 young people, workers and activists of every political tendency of the democratic and labour movement in 85 départements have publicly signed an appeal that says:

We consider that the class struggle is on the agenda. We for our part consider that it is the engine of history. It is also the engine of the whole current political situation, because it is the means by which a political solution that is in keeping with the demands of democracy can and must be imposed. (…) [This] poses a need: the need to break with the dictatorship of finance capital, i.e. of the capitalist system based on private ownership of the means of production. In practical terms, breaking with the capitalist system presupposes breaking with the institutions that allow it to rule: the institutions of the European Union and those of the Fifth Republic. (…) All these urgent measures, beginning with the repeal of all the counter-reforms imposed over recent years, can only be taken by a government that will refuse to submit to the institutions of the European Union and the Fifth Republic.

These emergency measures can only be taken by a government which, breaking with the European Union, will establish fraternal relations of equality with all the peoples of Europe.

We workers, activists and youth can have different points of view in the coming elections, voting for this or that candidate or not voting at all.

Beyond these differences, we are all convinced that nothing will be resolved by the election of a monarch without a crown heading up the Fifth Republic, or the election of a rump National Assembly, which simply serves as a chamber for registering and implementing the decisions taken by Brussels.

This is why 507 delegates, meeting in a national conference on 5 November 2016 in Paris, have decided to form the Movement for breaking with the European Union and the Fifth Republic. They are calling for tens upon tens of thousands of signatures to be gathered throughout the country on a solemn commitment in favour of breaking.


The commitment in favour of breaking with the European Union and the Fifth Republic

 “Whereas, beyond the positions taken by each person over the course of the coming elections – whether or not expressed in a vote – only a complete break with the current institutions will allow a positive outcome to emerge to the crisis that the country is facing;

Whereas the situation of working people calls for emergency measures;

Whereas an end must be put to the destructive attacks of this government, like those of every government that submits to the straitjacket of the European Union;

We hereby commit to take action consistently, both before and after the elections:

  • for breaking with the European Union and the Fifth Republic;
  • for a Constituent Assembly, which, by taking the path of breaking with them, will give back to the people the power to decide;
  • for the satisfaction of the demands of the workers and youth;
  • for winning back political democracy at every level, from the communes up to the highest level of the State;
  • for defending all civil liberties.”