New Deal for Britain

The spirit of 2017New Deal
Our independence from the EU means our own renewed commitments to full employment, industrial redevelopment, nationalisation of rail and utilities, a resurgence of public services and a communal ethic in favour of the common good can be made more possible.

No neoliberal liked the referendum result, it has shaken their world. Leaving the EU provides a unique opportunity to end austerity, protect our agriculture and fishing industries, cut energy and house rents, rebuild social housing, invest in skills, science research and development. It should involve a return to publicly accountable schools, free higher education and the NHS outside of market forces.

The mood in Britain is to end austerity and rebuild and transform our politics and economy with the engagement and energy of all of our people.

The elite and the media continue to try to divide us between those who voted leave and those who voted remain. As trade unionists we know that once a decision is taken we should unite to make democracy a success.

Those who try to block the referendum decision will be pushed aside, as will those who want to use it to create a bargain basement Britain.

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