Imperialist EU threatens Ukraine

Brussels has warned Ukraine that it faces a financial blockade after Kiev refused to sign a treaty with the EU.

Behaving like an imperialist gauleiter, EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton said that the EU pact was a chance for Ukraine to show it was “becoming a predictable and reliable interlocutor for international markets”.

The former CND ‘activist’ and corporate pimp added: “It would have given momentum to negotiations on a new standby arrangement with the IMF”.

Germany’s Angela Merkel told Ukraine leader Viktor Yanukovych at a summit in Lithuania: “We expected more”.

The EU is also likely to withhold a €610 million loan. The IMF has already suspended a credit line worth $15 billion in 2011 because Ukraine refused to stop subsidising household gas bills.

The EU treaty would also allow European energy monopolies to grab Ukraine’s crucial energy markets.

It is likely that Ukraine will turn to Russia to help with $60 billion of looming debt repayments. It has just $22 billion in foreign currency reserves and the same poor credit rating as EU ‘bailout’ countries Cyprus and Greece.

Without a hint of irony Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt accused Russia of blackmailing Ukraine with gas prices and trade blockades.

“They are not going West. I don’t think they are going East. I feel they are going down. That’s roughly where we are because of the economic problems,” he said.

An unnamed EU diplomat was brutally honest about the imperialist machinations at the heart of the matter.

“The EU should make a pause in relations, and six months down the line, when he is left alone to deal with Russian pressure, he will come to us on his knees”.

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