A Peoples’ Brexit

Out of the EU we can get on with the essential business of rebuilding our manufacturing, nationalising our railways, postal services, utilities and energy companies; we can reinvest in our public services and the people who provide them. We can protect our NHS from TTIP or any equivalent, we can develop our schools under public control, and build houses again. We can start to provide workplace security and decent wages and pensions for all.

In the trade union movement we are used to democratic practice. It was our predecessors who established the universal franchise. We work on the basis of open debate, then decision, then 100% implementation of that decision. We hold our leaders to account for their actions. That is what we require across the country now.

No obstacles should be put in the way of the referendum result by a House of Commons dominated by those who campaigned for remain.
The British people, as Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU) expected, have decided to reject the whole basis of the anti-democratic European Union and its essential commitments to austerity, and the ‘free’ movement of capital, labour, goods and services. Policies will have to be implemented to focus on removing these principles from our society and rebuilding our real economy and public services. We need a full employment economy.

We knew as we engaged with people right across the country that they were fed up with the consequences of deindustrialisation, austerity, pay freezes, worse pensions and the feeling of powerlessness that has accompanied mass unemployment, precarious working, poverty and being subject to decision makers ever more distant from democratic accountability.

It was a highly organised trade union movement that gave a great sense of purpose and integration to the nation. Trade unions work on behalf of workers throughout Wales, Scotland, and England. Our needs are shared, our interests are in common and our values radiate together for international solidarity and in opposition to superficial divisions and the scourge of racism and intolerance.

There must be a return to active trade unionism. Every workplace must be represented and a unity of common purpose and endeavour forged.